سوالات و گرامر زبان انگليسي - تست هاي زبان عمومي پيام نور

سوالات و گرامر زبان انگليسي

تست هاي زبان عمومي پيام نور


تست هاي زبان عمومي پيام نور

1. The police think the telephone call may hold a -------- to the identity of the killer.

a. fiction

b. clue

c. level

d. step



2.  A: “Are you worried?”  B: “Only --------.”

a. slightly

b. actually

c. gradually

d. simply



3. Modern farming methods can have a negative -------- on the environment.

a. comfort

b. doubt

c. effect  

d. fame


4. We all have to learn to -------- stress.

a. obtain

c. attend

c. lessen

d. vary


5. Some students failed to -------- the meaning of unfamiliar words.

a. pose

b. hold

c. poke 

d. grasp


6. He decided to get married. First he had -------- with her parents.

a. defined

b. consulted

c. confused

d. recognized


7. The moment I saw her, I -------- something was wrong.

a. forced

b. realized

c. bordered

d. directed


8. He couldn’t get his high hopes. In fact, they were not --------.

a. predictable

b. realizable

c. accurate

d. contextual


9. Alice has a strong -------- to her father.

a. reference

b. trace

c. likeness

d. assumption


10. I had some pain in my back. The doctor -------- me to a specialist.

a. demanded

b. saved

c. checked

d. referred


11. The teacher is fair. He treats all the students --------.

a. variously

b. supposedly

c. strangely

d. alike


12. He was coughing a lot. The doctor told him to -------- smoking.

a. give up

b. find out

c. cross out

d. up root


13. I could not watch TV last night because it was not working --------.

a. separately

b. properly

c. constantly

d. gradually


14. We finally reached a -------- about what to do the other week.

a. confusion

b. realization

c. decision

d. definition


15. The word “love” is used in different -------- by different people.

a. errors

b. mistakes

c. positions

d. senses


16.  A: "Are you ready?"   B:  “No, not --------.”     

a. all right

b. special

c. as soon

d. yet


17. You feel like giving up, but you -------- reading.

a. want continue

b. want to continue to

c. want to continue

d. want continue to


18. Our car is old. We are considering -------- a new one.

a. to buy

b. buying

c. to be bought

d. being bought


19. He invited me to a party. I told him I could not promise -------- on time.

a. to be

b. being

c. to being

d. having been


20. The word "--------" is not an intensifier?

a. extremely

b. quite

c. terribly

d. hardly


21. I'd like an ice-cream.  "Are you having --------, too?"     

a. ones

b. one

c. two

d. many


22. This car -------- that one; this one is much better.

a. is the same as

b. is alike

c. is different from

d. is similar to


23. The children -------- had an accident lost their lives.

a. whom

b. who

c. whom they

d. where they


24. It takes at least three hours -------- the homework.

a. do

b. to do

c. doing

d. to doing


25. He works a lot, -------- he achieves little.

a. in other words

b. on the other hand

c. moreover

d. on the one hand


26. Water is necessary for life. -------- nothing can live without water.

a. In other words

b. However

c. Nonetheless

d. Nevertheless


27. When you are in doubt about spelling of a word, you’d better -------- a dictionary.

a. to refer to

b. referring to

c. to referring

d. refer to


28. He is very strong and confident. In fact, he is a man --------.

a. decisive

b. deciding

c. of decision

d. decidedly


29. Which is not an example of a compound word?

a. policeman

b. guardhouse

c. handgun

d. dictionary


30. Which pair of words is not an example of homophone?

a. write / right

b. fair / fare

c. son / sun

d. leave / live


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